PLUS 2 Club

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Plus 2 Club


The students listed below earned at least a 2-point improvement on their ACT test.  It could have been an overall improvement on the composite score or an improvement in an individual subtest.


Daisha Barrow – Math and Reading

Skyller Beason – English

Preston Belk – Composite, English, Math, Reading, Science

Halem Blaylock – Math

Livvie Brown – Reading

Molly Brown – English

Blake Buchanan – Science

Michael Campbell – Composite, Reading, Science

Kylie Dalton – Composite, English, Science

Kayla Dong – Composite, Reading

Emily Ellis – Composite, English, Science

Trey Frame – Composite, English, Reading

Cody Francisco – Science

McKenna Fuqua – Composite, Reading, Science

Mattie Harden – Reading

Dalton Johnson – Composite, English

Tucker Kelley – Composite, English, Math, Reading

Trey Kelly – Composite, Science

Meagan Mackey – English

Brett Nelson – English

Matthew Reed – English, Science

Hunter Rollins – Math

Savannah Ross – Reading

Jacob Sacks – English, Math

Cheyann Salisbury – Composite, English, Reading

Kaylee Summers – Math, Reading

Libby Troutman – Composite, English, Reading

Hayden Troy – English

Brenton West – Science

Curtavian Whisnant – Science

Allie Womack – Reading, Science

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